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"The good life is a process, not a state of being"Carl Rogers

Private CBT Therapy & Psychotherapy in Leicestershire

About Jen

Hi, I’m Jen, an experienced, dedicated and highly qualified Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist. CBT is my main theoretical model along with Counselling. This being complimented by other approaches such as Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness. I use these methods, along with many other influences and inspirations, to help clients achieve greater wellbeing. We can accomplish this by working through anxiety difficulties such as Worry, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, Stress, Depression and low mood, Trauma, OCD, Low Self Esteem and many more. I work with adults (18+) in Leicestershire, both in person, and online, if preferred.

I strive to be creative and flexible; responding to you as a unique individual and what you bring, for a bespoke approach. Ultimately I hope to work alongside you, helping you to grow towards your goals. In order to foster a warm therapeutic relationship, featuring support, understanding and compassion, it is vital to feel comfortable and safe with your therapist.

Qualifications and experience are of course crucial too, so here they are.

I practiced CBT Psychotherapy within the NHS for over ten years.

For 3 years, I have been working within the Higher Education sector, conducting Psychological Therapy with students. I also offer clinical supervision, both to trainee and experienced CBT Therapists


  • Counselling Psychology (MSc)
  •  PG Dip Cognitive Behavioural Psychological Interventions – BABCP (Accred)
  • HE Cert Counselling
  • Social Psychology BSc

What is CBT?

CBT is an evidence based talking therapy, the basis of which being that we can all be helped by understanding our thinking patterns, our emotions and how we deal with them. Often we find ourselves in difficult patterns and routines that maintain our distress without knowing, and feel stuck, CBT aims to help identify this and look at alternative ways of thinking and being.

‘Third wave’ CBT (such as CFT, ACT and Mindfulness) approaches incorporate the above and extend to a holistic way of looking at health and wellbeing and the relationship we have with our issues.

Flexibly applying these integrative ideas allows me to work with you as a unique individual in a bespoke way.

CBT is a structured process that involves working actively at change and being open to new approaches, rather than purely talking about issues. There will however be plenty of opportunity to talk, within our supportive and collaborative relationship.

Marcus Aureilus

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts"

The Therapy Process

From the first full length session, we will work at identifying what you would like to work through.

There will be provision of relevant information and resources, with exploration of your background, and the developing of our understanding of how your difficulties are maintaining themselves.

We will think together about what you would like to be different within your life after therapy and also balance this with what may be realistic.

We will also set up tasks for you to work on between sessions, helping you move towards your aims.

Normally we will agree to between 6 and 20 sessions, but this also depends on you, the nature of the problem, and your goals.

For longer term or more complex issues, we can consider a greater number of sessions.

Sessions take place in person, at comfortable and modern consulting rooms, or if preferred, online.

Payment for sessions is due 24 hours prior to the session taking place.

A Story Of Success
Going through a difficult time, it helped me walk through how I was feeling, and process everything that was going on. Jen was irreplaceable , and I felt I could really rely on her to help.
"Really helpful for being listened to in a non-judgemental way, and to be provided with different perspectives and ways to challenge my thinking. Really appreciate being provided with further tools to go through - so I can extend what I learned beyond the sessions. Really liked my therapist - she brought up different things I'd said and encouraged me to see certain things from a different perspective. Overall, really, really great, and I found each session made me feel calm afterwards."
Friendly Yet Professional
Jennifer was fantastic. I wasn’t sure what to expect with therapy, but Jennifer helped me feel at ease from the first session. She was really understanding if I needed to reschedule (with notice given). I felt she kept a good pace to the sessions, and was friendly yet professional. I really feel my therapy helped prepare me for work after struggling through the lockdown. Thank you.
Helped Me Cope
The therapy has helped me cope with significant loss during a stressful and demanding year in my life. Stressors and expectations meant I had lost sight of myself and I felt overwhelmed. The therapy has helped me get a grasp on what is important to me and to be able to tackle situations with greater confidence.

Next Steps...

After looking through this information, if you feel you may be interested in taking the next step to engage in therapy, please press Enquire and fill in the brief set of questions. We can then consider booking a twenty minute informal phone consultation for which there would be no charge. The online form and the chat will allow us to gain an initial feel of whether sessions with myself will indeed be a helpful option for you.

If not, I may be able to suggest an alternative option for you. Please be assured that all information provided, and any discussions, are treated in the strictest confidence, with confidentiality being upheld in all areas of my work. (UK GDPR compliant) NB Please do not use this form to contact me about urgent problems, please see Urgent Support further down the page.

Therapy Session

Approx 60 mins

£75.00/per session
Comfortable & Modern Enviroment
Evening & Daytime Sessions
Between Session Tasks
Pay 24 Hours Before The Session
Safe Space

Urgent Support

I am not able to offer an urgent, crisis or emergency service and will only be available at pre agreed session times, so please see your GP if needed (you may be eligible for free therapy through IAPT), and / or see below for emergency contact information:

Tel: 116 123 – 24 Hour Helpline

Text: 85258

Tel: 0300 323 0187 – 24 Hour Helpline

Appointment Form